: Puffnuggs.com, a renowned name when it comes to offering pen vaporizer kits today introduced their new product - Medi-puff vaporizer pen. The vaporizer pen works successfully for dry herbs as well as oil and wax. The pen comes with the latest technology and takes care of all related issues that are generally associated with the same. The vaporizer Pen is sleek and classy with its rubber black coating. The functions and features of the pen can be viewed on YouTube  http://youtu.be/OP1EXsJ7dvE.

Speaking on the occasion, a representative from the company said, “We are excited to introduce our new product. This electronic vaporizer pen has the best features that would make it a better alternative than traditional smoking.” He further added, “We have presented many products to the masses in recent past and hope to continue with same in future as well.”

The basic design of the portable electronic vaporizer pen for oil or dry herbs allows users to inhale active ingredients including herbs by avoiding any of the unsafe elements that may be present on the particular flower. Vaporizing is a regular procedure for consuming herbs by neglecting a lot of annoying respiratory toxins that exist within the grown flower. Medi-Puff Portable Vaporizer Pen also makes it easy for users to smoke while inhaling a lot less of the harmful ingredients when compared to smoking.Some of the features of the pen that are likely to attract the masses include easy cleaning separated spices chamber, LED battery and puff counter, rechargeable lithium ion battery, 400-500 life cycles and charging option using a 5v charger or USB cable.  The package contents chamber connector rubber mouthpiece, USB charger, wall adapter, packing tool, cleaning brush tool, battery and LCD, ceramic heating chamber for dry herbs, oil chamber, oil containers and mesh filter to name of a few.

 About Puffnuggs.com

Puffnuggs.com is a USA based company that produces pen vaporizer kits. The Company has been in business for over a year now.

Medi-Puff Vaporizer
Medi-Puff Vaporizer Pen introduced by Puffnuggs.com a few days ago, has become a preferred alternative for capturing dry herbs among users across the globe. Sources confirmed that demand of the pen has risen tremendously and the same is likely to continue in the times to come as well. The product works effectively for dry herbs, oil and wax.

When contacted, Jack, a representative of the company said, “Yes the pen is in demand and we are very happy about it. We believe that the main reason behind the success of the pen is features it provides to the users. We hope that it would help many more people in future as well”.

Sources confirmed that pen features all the latest technologies related to the field and is the reason why it is being considered superior to other alternatives as present in the market by the experts of the field. The look of vaporizer pen is smooth and classy. The product comes with a rubber black coating. Readers may view the functions and features of the pen on YouTube as well by visiting the link http://youtu.be/OP1EXsJ7dvE.

The representative added, “Medi-Puff Portable Vaporizer Pen provides a healthy alternative to smoking as most of the unsafe elements are filtered out.” The pen comes with a number of other tools includes battery and LCD, ceramic heating chamber for dry herbs, oil chamber, chamber connector rubber mouthpiece, USB charger, wall adapter, packing tool, cleaning brush tool, oil containers and mesh filter among others.

When one person smokes a cigarette, there is an 88 percent chance that the combusted smoke gases contain harmful elements; confirms a report released by a renowned health journal. Some of the potential health risks associated with the same includes heart strokes, lung cancer and depression among others.

Some of the other offerings by the company include afterburner - wax vaporizer, VHit oil vaporizer pen kit, vapor dome -wax vaporizer kit and sneak a vape metal  pipe to name of a few.

Puffnuggs.com is a USA based company that produces pen vaporizer kits. The Company has been in business for over a year now.

An oil vaporizer is a device used for the inhalation or smoking. Vaporization is considered to be the alternative way of smoking that does not produces heat and smoke and is also less toxic.

Vaporizer contains different types of oil extraction that includes honey oil, cannabis oil, hash oil, thc oil. Since it uses electronic techniques hence no toxic smoke is produced. Thus less vaporizer material is required for the inhalation. Hence, irritating and harmful effects are reduced of smoking, thus health benefits are reduced by using a Vaporizer atomizer

The  oil atomizer is used mostly because cannabis generally contains cannabinoids which is made up of a group of THC terpenophenolic compounds including THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) which is what gets users high. In addition there is CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol), the latter is produced as the THC ages and breaks down.

Also, usually oil is prepared from a resinous matrix of cannabinoids which is being produced by a solvent extraction of cannabis tree. The resinous matrix does not contain any hashish. Basically Hash oil Vaporizer and Cannabis oil vaporizer is a concentrated product with a high THC content. Plasma concentrations of THC proved that smoking can increase CO level in the atmosphere but there is no increase in CO level after inhaling from the THC vaporization, Honey oil vaporizer, and Cannabis oil vaporizer

Some of the benefits of using honey oil vaporizer are as follows :-

~Little to no smoke is produced by using Honey oil vaporizer, 

~ Health Benefits such as smoke is actually considered to be prime cause of lung cancer and many respiratory disorders. But since no smoke is produced you are secured from all the health related issues such as lung and respiratory problems.

~ No smell is being produced as nothing is actually burning, there is very little smell involved with vaporization only.

~ Lot of money is being saved since vaporization takes place at temperatures below combustion up to twice as many active constituents are delivered to the user than one would get from smoking.

~ Cannabinoids are highly combustible, and many of the delicate glandular trichomes may be destroyed when simply smoked.

~ The  oil vaporizer does not include any fillers or buffers such as drugs or pills.

THC vaporization is not a device for smoking cessation. It consists of a comprehensive smoke harmful technologies and introduces the next generation of technology.

Oil Slick Ball
Concentrate Containers
Puffnuggs.com have now introduced a new and exciting product for all those sticky substances that cannot be packed without posing difficulty in removing them and reusing the containers again. They have now introduced Non-stick Platinum molded oil concentrate containers.  These containers made out of silicon can help you get the entire product that has been packed. No more losing your product as it sticks to the sides of your normal containers.  And the amazing part is that these containers are a value for money and available at affordable price. You can buy these in packs of 5, 10, 20 or 50.

PuffNuggs non-stick container features:-

  • Shatter resistant
  • Food grade silicone
  • Heat resistant up to 500 degrees
  • Freezer safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reusable
  • Discrete

These are just a few of the many features of the products sold by puffnuggs.com. They also sell many other products life Vaporizer pens, bulk containers, honey oil containers, and oil concentrate containers.

Concentrate Containers by Puff Nuggs are beneficial as they are:

  • Made from non-stick food grade silicone
  • Dry or stable extracts adhere to your dabber, not the dish
  • Airtight, shatter proof acrylic case with silicone gasket included
  • Colors: Random mix of Classic Colors
  • Designed & Researched in Virginia
  • Free shipping in USA
  • Free gift with purchase
It was great! for the first time I could get the entire product that I had ordered out of the container. Usually I lost a small percentage of the oil which stuck to the sides of the container which was a loss for me and my business in the long run. However since I ordered these non stick containers I don’t have to worry about that at all!” Jose Sanchez, Virginia

“Great customer service. Product was shipped the same day.”Olivia Thames, Texas.

Puffnuggs nonstick concentrate containers are easy to use and beneficial. A ninety day warranty exists on all products and they are reasonably priced. There are many benefits of using PuffNuggs non sticky concentrate containers. You can get the entire sticky product in the container with a simple squeeze and release to snap away the product from the container. Sealed with a non-stick silicone band, the container can easily handle rough travel. As these are shatter proof they cannot break and you will not lose your product. You can see a youtube video here http://youtu.be/Q41NcbxRgGA

Puffnuggs.com also markets varied products in containers like Honey oil BHO extractors along with Electronic Vaporizer and pen vaporizers as well. They are inexpensive and of quality. Puffnuggs.com is an online website that sells medical vaporizer pens for cannabis patients. They also carry glass essential oil extraction tube kits and other related items. Also, they have an excellent blog with guest writers from specialist in the industry.

Oil Slick
PuffNuggs.com, a US based company that started operations this year , today announced the launch of their latest offering – Non Stick Concentrate Containers. The containers are meant for keeping honey oil or concentrates among others. Sources confirmed that the containers are non-stick and are made of platinum plated molds from silicon. When contacted, a representative of the container said, “We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new non stick concentrate containers. You can keep all your sticky concentrates and take them out with ease without leaving anything on the sides of the jar.”

Sources confirmed that the containers comes with a number of other properties as well including shatter resistance, heat resistance of up to 500 degrees, reusable and discrete. The jars are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Food grade silicon is used to manufacture the same. The containers also come with a non-stick silicone band to keep the ingredients tight and safe in harsh conditions. 

The products are developed and designed in the USA.   The product also boasts of a twist top, that makes closing and opening of the case easy. The representative added, “We have a revolutionary product that pays for itself.” Sources confirmed that the company retails a few other products as well that are quite popular among the masses. These include vaporizer pens and wax vaporizers. 

The containers are available in the pack of five, 10, 20 and 50 and the customers can select any as per their needs. You can see the youtube video below. Experts confirmed that the company is also offering the product at attractive prices and that is likely to attract a lot more customers. Marc, a renowned marketer based in New York said, “The company is offering quality products at affordable prices and that pretty much ensures the success of the same in near future.”

The Containers are available at http://www.puffnuggs.com/concentrate-containers.html

Medi-Puff Vaporizer Pen
Medi Puff Vaporizer
Medi-Puff Vaporizer is a dual use vaporizer that is available at PuffNuggs.com for only $69.95. This product comes with free shipping . Users can use the vaporizer for both oil and dry herbs ingredients. Unlike standard vaporizers, the product has two separate adjustments that can be very useful to all users. The product is available in the same day shipping at the lowest price available.

All users of vaporizer can expect that the Medi-Puff vaporizer can deliver superior method of smoking of herbs and oils. The newly released product of the company features a rechargeable battery that can last up to 500 cycles and separate attachments for herbs and oils. The product also comes with filling tool and cleaning tools that users can use to make their vaporizing experience pleasurable and easy. The size of the product is about 10 inches long and is capable to allow users vaporize oils and herbs at the same time.

This deluxe vaporizing pen kit by Puff Nuggs is the newest technology in vaping. Users can vaporize oil, wax, butter, honey, and BHO. There are also separate attachments for herbs that offer great efficiency to users who love this ingredient. The good news is that the product will be released by PuffNuggs, which is known to be the leading provider of pen kit vaporizers. User can expect that the product is second to none in terms of quality. Aside from the Medi-Puff dual pen kit vaporizer, the company also offers other types of vaporizer. User can visit the company’s website and look for the pen kit that they need. All products are available in retail and wholesale.

"The Medi-Puff Vaporizer from Puff Nuggs is the newest technology in vaping"

For further information about Medi-Puff dual use pen vaporizer, please visit http://www.puffnuggs.com/.

About Puff Nuggs
We are an online website that sells medical vaporizer pens for cannabis patients. We also carry glass essential oil extraction tube kits and other related items. Also, we have an excellent blog with guest writers from specialist in the industry.

How do you use your vaporizer effectively? Many people face this question when they bought a vaporizer. The vaporizer instructions are written on the material and the guide book that you have got from the vaporizer. These vaporizer instructions must be carefully followed to get the desired results. The various instructions that you should follow when you use the vaporizer are;

The first step to use the herbal vaporizer is to grind the herbs carefully. This is because if the herbs are in clump then it is of no use to put them in the herbal vaporizer. Take the help of the herb grinder to convent the herbs in a consistent mixture. Don’t convert the herbs in the complete powder form because then it will not be effective to use them in the herbal grinder. You can also use a coffee grinder or even hands to grind the herbs. The next step involves the switching the vaporizer and then to set the temperature of the vaporizer or simple pressing the button. 

The next step involves the loading of the chamber. The chamber is made up of metal and/or ceramic . The chamber is loaded with the herbal power that you have grounded and then it is placed on the end of the hand piece that id opposite to the mouth end. 
The power should be loaded in the required amount only so that it can provide you the adequate vapors. 
All of the powder must not be loaded in one go. 

The next step is to vaporize your material at the given temperature. You have to wait till the vaporizer becomes hot. The vaporizer then steams up the herbs and they release vapors. The vapors are the inhaled worth the help of the mouth piece. The digitally controlled vaporizer self control the temperatures and you don’t have to worry much about it. 

The instructions that are given on the vaporizers should be followed so that you can get the desired result form your vaporizer.
The last step is to sit back and RELAX!

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Vaporizers are gaining popularity these days and manufacturers are taking advantage of it by releasing different vaporizers of varying types, sizes, and features. Competition in the vaporizer market is getting stiffer by the day. Consumers are often left confused on which one to buy. Any consumer would only want to get the item that would give them the best value for their money. At Puff Nuggs, you will find all the best vaporizers in the market at a very competitive price. And to help you better decide on your purchase,consumer reviews are available on youtube.com

Common Mistakes In Using Aromatherapy Vaporizers
Stress meditation with an Herbal Vaporizer
Herbs used for an Aromatherapy Vaporizer
Everything Is Possible With Herbal Vaporizer
The Afterburner, Medi-Puff, Sneak a Vape , Skyda 8 and V-Hit are just some examples of the top rated vaporizers available at PuffNuggs. They are ranked based on the average rating of the consumers and the number of reviews left for the item. All of them are high-performing vapes, but each has its own unique features that distinguish them from the others. Each buyer would definitely be able to find a vaporizer that would best fit their vaporization needs.

Puff Nuggs offers almost all types of vaporizers.  Even the newest product releases, Puff Nuggs is one of the stores that would first have them.

When compared to other shops and online stores, Puff Nuggs pricing is lower than the competition . Plus, you also get freebies on each purchase you make from the site. In fact, it is the only online shop for vaporizers that give out freebies with ALL purchases, regardless of the amount. How's that for great marketing strategy? Purchases are also delivered the next day and they come in a discreet box, which most customers prefer.

Moreover, Poff Nuggs is not limited to vaporizer units alone. Vaporizer parts, accessories, BHO Extractors, and atomizers for wax are also available for purchase for a complete vaporizing experience. You need not go to another site anymore to find accessories for your vape. All vape related items are found in Puff Nuffs online store. Check the extensive list of products now!

Medically speaking vaporizers are used to inhale many substances, most notably; many herbs and natural medicines which help alleviate some types of physical pain and discomfort the same way that painkillers and other medications work only, often, with a more effective result.

In most cases when used to treat an illness these substances can be orally ingested, but inhaling it allows for fast relief and for the patient to moderate their use of the drug as they can stop once they reach relief from their pain.  This is not true with the tablet form, which at times may be stronger or weaker than the patient desires.

Outside of use as a painkiller, medicine that is inhaled via a vaporizer has also been found to help ease the nausea of patients that are undergoing chemotherapy.  Given the fact that the extreme nausea will not allow them to keep pills in their stomach, the vaporizer is the only option for getting medication that will help them overcome the ill feeling.  In addition, a vaporizer allows a patient to absorb the substance into the body without harming the digestive track since the vapours do not contain the drugs found in prescribed pills.

Therefore, the use of a Personal Vaporizer Pen not only allows the patient to immediately start to feel better, but it also protects their health so that they do not have to worry about facing long term side effects down the road.  When placed in this perspective, it seems silly to take risks with oral medications that can damage the body at the same time they are aiding it when you can receive the same positive benefits from medication that is inhaled via a vaporizer pen without any threat.

A  vaporizer pen can also be a wise choice for those who need the helpful qualities of herbs, natural medications, and other medications but are not able to swallow properly in order to ingest these types of remedies.  For example someone suffering from nausea during throat cancer treatment may find that taking a daily regimen of pills is rough on them or near impossible due to the damage to the throat from the cancer growths.  However, the electric vaporizer pen allows them another way to safely ingest the same medications without irritating an already sore throat making the entire process of finding relief more relieving.

The even better news is that finding a vaporizer is not a particularly hard task due to the fact that you can now head online to find these excellent vaporizers so that relief is only a few days away at most when needed.  Of course, you will have to purchase the medication on your own, but once you do the option to immediately find relief is only available with the use of a vaporizer and will be instantly calming.  Therefore, instead of suffering through conditions that could be promptly treated with the right tools, why not purchase a vaporizer and enjoy better health and a better state of mind immediately.

You never know when you are going to take a turn at a corner and be struck by change. Although I knew this on intellectual level I never had really realized how truth it holds. This truism applies for most situations and these situations may actually turn your life around.

I will start with a prelude of sorts. I am really competitive. I mean that my picture could be placed in the dictionary right next to competitive. It is not something that I am particularly proud it is just the way I am.

 Although our parents weren't very eager about it me and my 4 siblings were a bunch of hyperactive, competitive and sore losers little savages ( my mother always claimed that it was from my father's part of the family but looking at her pictures with my unless I think that it may all be coming from her). Anyway we were competing for all sorts of things. Once I famously had to go to the hospital after eating 4 jars of peanut butter just to prove that I can. Do you get my point? So as it happens in life I grew older (not necessarily wiser) and tried to put most of my embarrassing childhood behind.  And I had done a really good job of doing so until one of my brothers come visiting and told most of our childhood stories to my 2 roommates.

And as soon as he did that as if the genie was released out of the bottle. It all started in the next day after he visited, innocently enough with the bet who could eat the most bananas. The bet was won by one of my roommates who managed to eat 27 peeled bananas for 36 minutes and from then it  was known as The Baboon ( strangely I have never seen him eat a banana since then). This bet was the beginning of the slippery slope for me and my roommates. To add a twist were throwing small household chores in the pot as bets. Washing the dishes, doing the laundry, throwing the waste these chores turned into a type of home currency for us.

The bets were getting increasingly difficult, until one day both of my roommates ( The Baboon and Washy ( his nickname after doing the all the laundry for 2 months )  decided that I couldn't give up smoking for one year. And if I could I wouldn't have to do any house work for as long as we were living together and in addition to that they would do all the shopping and if I failed I would have to do it all …alone. It was clear that they wanted to end the whole thing with a bang and were sure I would fail. So I took the bet.

And it was hard, really hard. I could have lied and sneak a smoke while I was at work, but it wouldn't be fair. So after about a week in which I almost broke I found a way to make it through - Electronic cigarettes! It isn't smoking it is vaping! After I explained it to them, and started vaping with pleasure I saw their hopes crumble.

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